7 Camping Accessories That Can Save Your Life

Some camping accessories is a must have. I am the kind of person that likes to be prepared, I will rather have something on me I don’t need than having to need something and then not having it. A disaster can strike at any time without warning, if you’re lucky, you’ll have time to get a good collection of survival gear together before disaster strikes. I’m going to mention 7 camping accessories that can save your life in an emergency situation compacted in one small package.

Fire Starter
Forgot your lighter or matches? Never get caught in the cold with this must have emergency tool for hikers and campers. The Fire starter is easy to use, simply draw the strike rod down the block to create sparks to light your kindling.

Emergency Blanket
The blanket will reflect up to 90 percent of your body heat. Utilize this blanket to redirect heat from your campfire towards you if you are trapped in freezing weather. The sheet can also be used to signal for help. When you’re attempting to get the attention of rescue party or another group, a corner of the blanket can quickly be turned into a mirror. That mirror will reflect back the rays of sun and create bright light to help lead people to your location.

Stainless Steel Saber Card
This credit card-sized survival multi-tool tool easily fits inside of your wallet or pocket. It comes with several other tools which includes:

1.Can opener
2.Butterfly wrench
3.Saw blade
4.2 position wrench
6.Cap Opener
7.4 position wrench
10.Lanyard hole
11.Direction ancillary indication

Ideal for emergencies, camping trips, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding, hiking and other outdoor events, this compass will help you find your sense of direction when out in the depths of nature.

Emergency Whistle
The Emergency whistle is an important addition to emergency kits, camping supplies, and hiking gear. Use it to help rescuers find you, or to find your group when hiking or camping. This single tube emergency whistle can provide up to 120 decibels, enough to be heard at long distance. It can also be used to help scare away thieves, pickpockets, kidnappers, and criminals.

Multifunctional Pliers
It is light weight, small and compact. It’s very convenient for you to carry, it fits perfect in one hand. Its miniature size allows you to wear it right on your belt or put in your backpack. It comes with the following tools:

12.Sharp pliers
13.Cable scissors
15.Key ring
16.Fish Scaler
17.Straight Screwdriver
18.Philips screwdriver
19.Bottle opener

Wire Saw
This 22″ Metal Wire Saw, made of high strength stainless steel wire, 4-strand braided chain cord; The saw teeth is sharp and tight, can be used to cut wood(no more than 3 inches),plastic,bone,rubber and soft metal.

So there you have it, 7 camping accessories that can save your life compacted in an Black shockproof box. If there is more camping equipment that u are interested in please visit www.westicks.com. We have allot of fun items.

Happy Camping!

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