Choose the right Hiking Shoes in 2020

Every time I read this title I get this memory flashing in my head. We learned in high school about soldiers getting trench foot during world war 1 because of the conditions their feet were exposed to. This was the thought that made me think more about the importance of protecting your feet and what the best hiking shoes u can get in 2020. National foot health awareness Month is also in April and doctors are encouraging patients to think about the importance of protecting your feet. Our feet are the ones that get the most wear and tear and are a reelection of our health.

When going on long hikes or when u are planning on going on a camping trip you are going to need the right footwear to protect your feet against the elements, below I’m going to give u a short explanation of the 3 main types of hiking shoes.

All the types of hiking shoes:

Hiking shoes: These shoes are your regular low cut models that looks like the shape of a normal shoe but just more rugged. Some ultralight backpackers may even choose trail-running shoes for long-distance journeys.

Day hiking boots: These boots are more mid to high cut models and are more for short backpacking strips and light loads. These type of hiking/camping shoes remind me allot of the the shape of shoe that i used to ear when playing rugby. It’s obviously not the same thing but the overall look is the same with the mid cut to protect my ankles during a scrum.

Backpacking boots: If you are planning on carrying heavy loads on long day trips in the backcountry then these are the boots for you. They are high cut and wraps above the ankles giving excellent support.

Shoes must fit!

When doing your daily activities your feet is going to swell a bit, shoes that fit in the morning could maybe not completely fit the same later the day. You’re hiking shoes should fit snug everywhere, not so tight that u can’t wiggle your toes. So when u are browsing for shoes u should keep in mind the extra space your swelling feet and your socks are going to take

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What are hiking shoes made of?

Hiking boots and hiking shoes are made using a mix of suede, split-grain leather and Nylon. They are lightweight and moderately durable. Mesh panels are frequently included to add breathability.

What is special about hiking shoes?

Hiking shoes are specifically made to protect your feet and ankles when u are going on a long hiking or camping trip. Hiking shoes are the most important item of your camping gear.

What is the difference between hiking and walking shoes?

Hiking shoes usually have thinner soles than walking boots, the sole is stiff enough to absorb any rough or sharp rocky terrain. … Shoes are usually about half the weight of leather walking boots and when every day involves thousands of steps then the difference does mount up.

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